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Safety at CYESC is naturally our top priority.  Not only is it essential that our guests are safe both on and off the water, it is essential that they feel safe both on and off the water. As well as having all the necessary safeguards in place we spend a lot of our training and development time concentrating on the “soft skills” particularly when looking after children and young people.  For more detailed information on safety on the water, child protection and governing bodies, please click on the relevant link below.


On the water

Prior to every water-based session, a micro risk assessment is carried out and only when the Chief Instructor and Senior Instructors are happy do we commence a water-based activity.  Once on the water all governing body ratios are adhered to and in most cases exceeded ensuring that we have maximum care and attention on all of our guests.  All groups are in close VHF radio contact with each other, our safety boats, and base station ensuring maximum communication, cover and decision making.  Centre policy stipulates that every person on the water wears a buoyancy aid regardless of conditions and these, plus full waterproofs, are all provided as a matter of course.  Our safety record is exemplary and we are happy to elaborate on this on request.

Child Protection

All our staff and volunteers are DBS checked and our Child Protection Policy is available on request.  The protection of children often concentrates on a robust child protection policy and DBS checks (both of which we of course have in place).  Child protection should also concentrate on really tuning in with the children and allaying any fears and concerns they may have in order to make their experience as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.  We pride ourselves at CYESC on having both robust and secure systems in place to make sure that our child protection policy is both relevant and effective. In addition we also spend a lot of time working with teachers and parents in training up our staff on how we should be looking after children on a more practical and empathetic level.

 For full details of our Child Protection Policy please contact the Centre.


Governing Bodies

Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre is a member of AALA (Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority), the RYA (Royal Yachting Association), and BCU (British Canoe Union).  As well as complying with all the necessary governing body rules and regulations, we also receive regular inspections from the above and consistently pass with flying colours.  In addition, we receive regular checks from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), FSA (Food Standards Agency) and Fire Service. You are welcome to view all relevant documentation, including the pass certificates from the above bodies, on request.