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The Quiet Days at CYE offer a maximum of 12 guests the opportunity to share the ample space on board our magnificent accommodation ship TS Resolute which is moored in Chichester Harbour within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. From our position directly at the water’s edge we find ourselves in a place where change happens and nourishment is found. Our off-season quiet days also allow us to observe the birds that venture near to ship and shore in the winter months.

All our quiet days are silent and the time on board is yours to use as you wish. CYE is a member of the Retreat Association and those new to the quiet day experience can use the leaflets produced by the Association to help structure their time with us

Our team of very experienced Spiritual Directors and Christian listeners is available on each Quiet Day, offering 1-2-1 sessions at no additional cost. We encourage all our guests to take advantage of this opportunity as it can greatly assist with structuring the day.

The Resolute Daily Office (Morning, Midday and Evening Prayer) is said in the 'Snug' on the Lower Deck and provides a framework for the day. Whilst there is no obligation to attend, our guests usually find that the prayer times provide a helpful rhythm and structure for their time on board - a rhythm that is beautifully mirrored in the gentle ebbing and flowing of the tide. Our prayers use inclusive language and have a Celtic Christian flavour that suits our historic, waterfront setting.

Many of our guests find that reflective activities such as drawing and painting are helpful in settling into their time away and in our Saloon we provide both the resources and the space for this.

The labyrinth on the back field offers the opportunity for a prayer walk and there are maps and walking instructions available for a reflective walk along the lanes and coastal path.

Our Advent and Lent Quiet Days provide an opportunity to pause at these key times in the Christian calendar and our New Year’s Quiet Day is a chance to reflect on the past year and move into the new with fresh insights and energy.

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