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Building the future of CYE…
Project Delta

In late 2018 we read a small sentence in an email that said that an anonymous person was looking to give a large sum of money to a local charity. We would need to apply and a representative would visit all the shortlisted charities so the person could make a decision. So, we applied and lo and behold, a representative turned up and we showed him all that goes on at CYE.

A week after the visit we received a letter…sadly we didn’t get chosen for the money. BUT! the representative who visited us was so impressed with what he saw that he said that HE would like to donate us money – £750,000 to be precise! He was impressed with our history, operation and the combination of Christian ministry, youth work and sailing. He recognised a need for our buildings to be renewed due to increased demand and changes in requirements. With Gift Aid added, the donation becomes £800,000 – staggering!

And thus, Project Delta (named as it is the fourth building project in CYE’s history), which until then had been lots of hopes and dreams, was thrust into action!

There will be two phases of this build; the first is to completely renovate our changing facilities and onsite accommodation for staff. This phase is currently estimated at £2.15 million for which we have been fundraising to close the gap with the original donation.

There have been many challenges along the three year journey so far, however, we are at a point now where planning permission has been granted and we are looking to start building in October 2022 and finish in March 2023 ready for the summer season to begin. The new building will provide updated, accessible changing facilities for our guests as well as new staff accommodation, workshops and training spaces (see plans below). This brochure will give you more background on the project – although our costs have increased since we went to print, and you can see the full plans here.

If you would like to keep up to date with the journey, please sign up to our monthly News & Updates email and/or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

As previously stated, our estimate for this project is now at £2.15 million. We (Norman!) have been working hard to secure grants and loans to meet the gap between the generous donation and this final cost. We have been successful in this but we are still in need of lump sum gifts to help us confidently commit to construction, or regular donations for 5 – 10 years to pay off our £150,000 loan for the renewable energy element of the design. Can you help? If yes, please contact us,,or set up a donation/standing order to the following account:

CYE Sailing Centre
Sort Code: 40-12-18
Account Number: 51380648

Please keep scrolling for images of our new building and keep an eye out for events at the Centre where you can hear more about the project from us. We are so grateful for the support of our CYE community and look forward to continuing this journey with you all.

Artists impression of the new Delta building to provide updated changing facilities, staff accommodation and more

Ground floor plans showing changing
facilities, kit storage and workshops

First floor plans showing staff accommodation & changing, volunteer changing facilities and training room

Elevations of both buildings for the
outsides and cross-sections

Solar Panels

Fundraising progress as of January 2022

If you would like to keep up to date with the journey, please sign up to our monthly News & Updates email and/or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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