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Our team is just that – a team. We share the same values and commitments, with our overall collective objective being to provide every guest with the best possible experience. The activity team hold all necessary qualifications with many possessing certificates well beyond those required. Crucially, all our staff are good communicators, fun-loving and professional - endeavouring at all times to live out our Christian values whilst simultaneously being sensitive to the array of beliefs held by our guests.


In addition to our full-time staff, we are fortunate in having an extensive Volunteers network. On Mondays our team of local retired professionals – fondly known as 'The KOGs' (Kevin's Old Geezers) give invaluable time and expertise to the many maintenance tasks required on a site this size.

We also have numerous experienced water-based instructors (many of whom have worked full-time at CYESC) who return regularly to help with programmes. This means that our 'staff to children' ratios are unusually high, ensuring a safer, more caring and more fun-filled experience for our guests.

If you'd like to know more about volunteering (in a water, land, office, galley, finance, maintenance, speaker or other capability) please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Mark, Centre Director


Norman, Development Director


Marion, Finance Manager


Lou, Chief Instructor


Molly, Catering & Housekeeping Manager


Kev, Premises Manager


Christine, Admin & Retreats Manager


Rosie, Communications Manager


Ed, Bosun & Premises Assistant


Josh, Lead Instructor


Lucy, Assistant Lead Instructor

 Matt Brooke (Small).jpg

Matt, Senior Activity Leader


Joel, Senior Activity Leader


Jordan, Activity Leader


Matt, Activity Leader


Rob, Activity Leader

 Susie (Small).jpg

Susie, Activity Leader

 Jake (Small).jpg

Jake, Activity Leader


Barney, Activity Leader

 Rosie Mcleish 2 (Small).jpg

Rosie, Activity Leader


Karen, Catering & Housekeeping Assistant



Rhiannon, Catering & Housekeeping Assistant