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October 10th each year is our annual Fundraising Day, will you join us in raising vital funds for the work of CYE?

Each October we encourage all our CYE supporters - guests, volunteers, campers, teachers, parents, donors, friends - to do something to raise money for the work of CYE. The 10th October is our official Fundraising Day (the date 10/10 links with our bible verse John 10:10 where Jesus talks about life to the full) but we'd encourage you to raise money on or around that date.

In 2021, all money raised will be helping to fund Project Delta, our exciting new building which is due to start in October 2022. The estimated cost for the building (which has risen due to COVID and Brexit) is £2 million, however, we have already raised or received £1.1 million! So just a little more to go...!

As you can see, your fundraising efforts, both big and small, are incredibly valuable to us for reaching our goal. We're so grateful for your creativity and willingness to help support the work of CYE and we can't wait to welcome you to our new building when it's built!

How does CYE 10:10 Day work?

Quite simply really - if you'd like to join us in raising money for the work of CYE then choose a challenge or activity and use the resources below to get people to sponsor you. Since the date is always 10/10, you could try to theme your challenge/activity around those numbers (e.g. 10 miles, 10 days, 10 hours etc). 

If you're not one for sponsored events/raising money you can always support someone else who is doing an event, or, you could give money in a different way. For example, what if you did a house/wardrobe/garage clear out, sold it all online or at a car boot and then donated the proceeds to CYE? Or you could give up your coffee shop stop for 10 days and donate the money you would have spent?

How can people donate?

We'd love it if you used to set up your fundraising page (rather than justgiving, facebook etc) as this will mean everything is in one place and we're able to cheer each other on. Simply head to our Stewardship page and click 'start fundraising' to set up a profile which you'll then be able to share by email and social media. (There are photos and information below which you can use to tell people what their money will support) Then your page will appear with everyone elses in the 'fundraising for CYE' section, it'll look a bit like this: 

You can also use a sponsor form (see below) and then send the money directly to CYE. Similarly, if you decide to host a tasty bake sale or something else where you're taking donations, you can collect money and then send us a cheque or a bank transfer.

Bank Details: 

Cheques: please make payable to Christian Youth Enterprises Sailing Centre and then post to CYE, Chidham Lane, Chidham, West Sussex, PO18 8TE

Resources to download

Below you will find some resources to help you plan your fundraising and things to decorate yourself or the area you're doing your challenge/activity/sale. You'll also see an option for a personalised poster - if you send us a picture (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) of yourself and the web link to your stewardship fundraising profile then we should be able to send you a personalised poster/sponsor form for you to print at home! 



Please feel free to use the images below for your Stewardship page or anything you're sharing on social media etc. You'll find pictures of the build project designs, our logos, photos of CYE, our fundraising goal and quotes from campers...