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CYESC has over 25 years of experience providing outdoor activities and field studies to a wide range of schools. Each programme is unique, and our dedicated Schools Manager ensures that every detail is met and that pupils and teachers get the most from their stay.

Perhaps most importantly though, we want every child to feel safe, inspired and challenged during their time with us. We continue to enjoy an outstanding safety record (please ask us), but we also think it beneficial for individuals to take managed risks in order to achieve.

Some key points about our schools programmes:

  • We tailor every programme to suit your objectives and if applicable, curriculum requirements (water based, beach studies, geography modules, history from local areas etc).

  • Pre-trip presentation to parents at your school to introduce the programme, allay any concerns and get parents excited too!

  • Our staff work from 7.30am through to 9.00pm, meaning teachers can concentrate on building relationships with their pupils

  • Well over 90% of our schools come back each year