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If you are involved in organizing events for your business, you’ll need to find venues which work with you to give great service, excellent catering and comprehensive meeting facilities.

There are 3 things that are significantly different about corporate bookings at CYE:

  • Ethical Buying- If you book an event with us, we will put one third of your money towards a group that needs additional funding. For example, we have a group of young people down every year who are all siblings of severely autistic children. Their time with us provides a welcome release-valve with similar youngsters and is an outstanding programme - but it relies on financial help. There are many similar programmes that would benefit hugely from your booking. It also provides a great link for your business that most employees would fully support

  • It’s a lot more unique, interesting and inspiring than staying in a hotel. Your team will want to come back!
  • The food is exceptional, accommodation spacious, breakout rooms fully IT equipped and more activities than you could wish if you want participation-based events included

We can cater for groups of up to 50 in shared, en suite accommodation but we also offer day meeting facilities for groups up to this size. We can build a programme for you which includes elements of team activities either on or off the water, presentation, training and meeting facilities or a programme to reward staff for achievement.

If you’re looking for a meeting venue with a difference give us a call we’ll be happy to talk through your requirements.   

Day delegate rates and 24 hour rates available on request. Please call us for a bespoke programme. 

For other useful information, download our document here.