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It's all about 'the experience'.  For some, that's an adrenaline packed day on the water, for others, it's appreciating the stunning scenery, tranquility and wildlife, and for others, it's simply being looked after and getting away from the day to day routine.

Words such as 'fun', 'memorable', 'challenging', 'inspiring, 'relaxing', and 'amazing' regularly form the basis of our feedback forms and thank-you letters.

We know that some of our guests will be staying away from home for the first time, others may be fulfilling a long held ambition and learning a new water sport; whatever your reason for visiting CYE we want to go the extra mile to make your experience here fantastic.

As well as the “big experience”, we know it’s the little details of your stay with us which matter so much; details like home-made cakes in the saloon each afternoon, a mug of hot chocolate on the water if the weather turns chilly or making sure that all our younger guests have sun cream applied in hot weather.

We provide all the kit you will need for your sailing and kayaking activities, and we’ll also give you a hand getting “kitted up” each day – pulling on wet suits and zipping up life jackets can be hard work for small hands!

We hope this gives you an idea of the importance we place on our guests. We want you to have a wonderful stay with us and we want you to want to come back year after year, as so many of our guests do.